Sunday, 8 July 2018

Day 42

It started as a grey drizzly day and I debated about going shopping. After a while the weather improved and I dismantled all the stuff attached to Yemmy and just left things ready to connect up when I got back.

When I got to Chewko Road I decided to go out to Mareeba Bush Stays first and say g'day to Norm before shopping. I hadn't gone very far when suddenly Yemmy started making horrid noises underneath - maybe gearbox or diff or perhaps something picked up and jamming. I stopped and had a good look underneath but couldn't see anything so I rang the RACV who then transferred me to RACQ and eventually a repairman arrived in a van. I told him that it looked like a tilt-truck was needed and he agreed after a bit of a look. Another long wait and the truck arrived.  Yemmy was about to have his third tilt truck ride this year! The driver drove us to the caravan park where the RACV had agreed I could stay in a cabin. It was a bit hard remembering what had to be unloaded and I forgot my medication!

Good Samaritan Brian offered to take me into Mareeba to retrieve my pills and also to let me do my shopping. Fortunately someone was working in the workshop and let me get what I needed from Yemmy. Then back to the cabin. It's very nice and far better than the motel I stayed in at Moranbah recently.

There were not many at happy hour tonight so we settled around the lovely warm fire for a while.

The big rig I mentioned yesterday left this morning and I managed to get a pic as they were leaving.
Just 2,942 steps - just 58 short of my self imposed target. But it was 2km though!

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