Monday, 30 July 2018

Day 64

This morning I got a lift into the repairers at Mareeba and asked if they had heard anything from CIL but no, they had heard nothing. The other reason for going there was to get more Osteo tablets from Yemmy as I was running short.

I had an appointment at the doctors to look at my ear. The look turned out to be a bit more than just a look as the doctor called her boss to look as well and then they agreed they needed to do a biopsy and find if it was  a pre-cancer that can be frozen off or if it is a cancer that needs cutting out and stitching up. 

She said the needle for the anesthetic  would prick a bit. A BIT!!!!!!! It was very painful but at least once it was deadened I didn't feel anything when she did the biopsy. I have to go back Wednesday morning to check the dressing and see if the biopsy report is back.

If Yemmy is ready for the road by then I'll get the treatment done in Alice Springs. Here's what the ear looks like now - not as drastic as your eye Tony!

I talked to someone at CIL this afternoon and she said the quote and pics are now with the assessor and the result would take two or three days!

More waiting for a result - just have to keep on walking - 3,138 steps and 2.2km today

With just one more day to go this month my daily average has been 3,226 steps.

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