Monday, 24 September 2018

Monday 24th September

Good News!

Yemmy is ready and Eric has taken him for a test run.

Jackie and Dennis will take me to Officer on Wednesday to pick him up and bring him home.

The saga started back on July10th when I was going shopping and suddenly heard what sounded like an expensive noise coming from somewhere in the transmission. I never dreamed that it would be nearly three months before I could drive him again.

Those of you who have been following the sad story will know that the differential ran out of oil due to careless jacking to fit some new tyres a few weeks previously and they had warped the diff casing by a millimetre.

Just a couple of weeks after the tyres were fitted the oil had all leaked out and bearings in the diff had seized up causing damage to the casing among other things. Then the trouble really started as the diff they had obtained from Melbourne had the wrong ratio crown wheel and pinion and was not compatible with the transmission. They fitted it just the same and when I went to pick him up I found he would only run in 'Limp Home' mode.

The RACV brought him back to my trusted mechanic Eric in Gippsland who reconditioned my damaged diff  - putting in many hours of hard work.

I've lodged a dispute through my bank as I'd paid $7,470 for a  job that left me with a vehicle that wasn't serviceable.

This must be my lucky week - I won a meat raffle at the pub on Friday night and the prize was a huge 4kg piece of Angus beef!

Then I got full marks tonight from Jackie and Dennis for the Beef, Bacon and Cheese Pie I made for us today - it was certainly yum.

I managed to break the 4,000 steps mark today and my daily average for the month is 3,233.

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