Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Wednesday 26th September

Today was the day - the day when Yemmy and I were reunited.

Jackie and Dennis took me to Officer this morning - we left Illawarra at 7am and negotiated Melbourne's rotten traffic to get to Eric's place by 10.30.

Eric wanted a picture putting on the Sprinter Forum but his computer used Windows and I'm an Apple person so it wasn't easy and took up a fair bit of time plus I needed to get some cash from an ATM so I didn't get away until nearly 1 o'clock. Despite the lousy traffic and road works as usual I was home around five.


All my troubles started when Yemmy was jacked up with the jack under the diff that warped the plate over the diff resulting in all the oil leaking out and the bearings seizing up.

 Eric has manufactured some strengthening pieces to prevent that happening again. Mine is the first one fitted to a Sprinter anywhere in the Universe!

He also made a bracket for the light bar for my scooter that is so much better to keep it place while travelling. He is such a perfectionist and yet the whole job including purchasing a second-hand crown wheel and pinion cost me less than a fifth of what the Mareeba sharks charged me. 

No news on the dispute through the NAB but they did ring this week asking for any correspondence with the repairers and I sent them the email to the repairers  that had pointed out the evidence that they had fitted the wrong ratio diff - an email they didn't answer but which alerted them to the fact that I knew they had mucked up.

I now have to get Yemmy cleaned up and ready for a sprint over the Nullarbor starting on Tuesday.

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