Friday, 28 September 2018

Saturday, 29th September

The family are here for the weekend so not too much time for writing. Last night everyone came to my place for dinner - we ordered pizzas and burghers from a shop in town. It was a pleasant evening and it was good to have my two daughters and son plus their partners together plus grandson Corey and partner Makaela.

The Grand Final is on as I type and everyone has gone across to Sue and Shaun's place to watch what my grandson described as grown men kicking a ball around a field!

There was a stumpy tailed lizard sunning himself when I went for walk today He was hard to see in the grass.

Just after that I was talking over the fence to two horses and put my hand on the fence. WOW!!!!!!!! - it was electrified. The shout I gave frightened the horses and as far as I know they are running still!

Last Friday I won a meat raffle when out for dinner at a pub with friends. It was a 4kg Black Angus cryo packed piece of Scotch Fillet and tonight Shaun cut it into lovely thick steaks. Everyone pronounced it the best and tenderest steak they had ever tasted. All marks for Shaun who cooked it to everyone's wishes and to the meat which was delicious! 

Some of the steaks ready for the barby - there were more in the fridge.

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