Saturday, 15 September 2018

16th September

Yesterday was NOT a day for walking! Biting cold boisterous winds kept me indoors most of the day but today's been quite a lot better with some drizzle at times but I was still able to go out to Lake Fyans and do some walking - in fact I've done 4,000+steps so far today.

The walk continues after the boat launching inlet - and then it comes to the canal where the water flows into the lake. There's a bridge over the channel and then you can walk on the raised bank of the lake for a very long way.

Here's a video of the view from a fair way along the bank. Click on it and wait till it loads and then click at the bottom right to put it on Full Screen.


I'm hoping to have some news about Yemmy during the week. Other Australian Caravan Club members have arrived in WA and are posting pictures and information on Facebook which is making me very envious as that is where I planned on being by this time.  

I couldn't resist a pic of the night sky just before dark two nights ago.

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