Friday, 29 June 2018

Day 33

What a great way to start the day - one of the two gas bottles I filled two days ago ran out! Yes - you guessed right - a huge gas leak. I didn't have any thread tape when I fitted the new regulator and thought it would be OK. Checking today saw the tell tale bubbles so refitted - this time with tape. No more leaks. Paul was kind enough to run me in to Mitre 10 again for yet another refill. I also bought some thread tape and some nuts and bolts to make the door of the gas locker more secure.

I also did some shopping while we were in Mareeba - it should last well into next week. Paul and Coral leave here next Friday so I'll have to dismantle Yemmy's awning etc and go shopping under my own steam. It's not a real problem as I leave everything on the ground till I get back. It takes about five minutes to get ready to roll and similar time to set up again..

It was pancake morning in the shed today - $2 for as many pancakes as you could eat and the money goes to a local charity.

Lots of things happen in the shed including a soup night next week to celebrate the opening of the park back in 2005.

I discovered this picture the other day of the days when a man used to bring a blow up picture screen and sound system to this park once a week. One time we saw 'Man from Snowy River' one week and next week the sequel.

Too busy to go walking today but still managed 2,839 steps and 2km. It was bbq night tonight and the shed was full - it's such a friendly place.

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