Saturday, 30 June 2018

Day 34

A mostly wet day but not cold. I did a bit more work on my gas locker and it's now quite stable plus I gave away the heavy draft shield as I don't use it.

I spent a bit of time working out my route and distances and from that how much time I'd need for each section to arrive in Denmark for our ACC National Muster mid October. The map shows roughly the route I'll travel although I'll go inland from Port Hedland to Geraldton. 

  Brian and Chris Medcraft are members from the Tassie Travellers Branch of the ACC and are here for two weeks. 

 They were at a muster in Tassie that I visited a few weeks ago celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the branch and this is a pic of them with me taken the other night.

I bought some bacon the other day that was quite ridiculous - paper thin slices that broke up into small bits and were hard to turn so today I made an egg and bacon pie with onion and cheese! I've had  a slice and it was nice but there was a birthday party in the shed tonight and lots of tasty food so the rest is saved for tomorrow. There's another birthday party for lunch tomorrow and I've been invited to that so I won't go hungry!

Too wet to walk far today although I did walk to the shop and bought a paw paw or you may know it as a papaya. Just 1,878 steps and 1.3km.

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