Thursday, 28 June 2018

Day 32

It's very hard to find something interesting to say when you are staying in the same place for weeks on end. I mean how interested could you be to know that I did some washing this morning and put the clothes in the dryer? Or that I'd made some kind of dish with the remains of the chicken, a tin of sweetcorn kernels, an onion and some herbs? Oh yes I nearly forgot the Parmesan I tipped in!

Perhaps more interesting would be that when I woke up and looked out the window I was surprised to see the awning bulging downwards with many gallons of water in it! I hadn't even heard it raining in the night. Nothing was damaged and after I'd got the water out I put in the central stay that I hadn't bothered with before. That and some pegs in the bottom of the upright supports has made it much more stable.

Despite what I thought to be a good walk I came up a little short of my target and only did 2,714 steps and 1.9km but during the walk I did find some interesting information about the Rail Trail that runs along the back boundary of the caravan park and stretches from Walkamin to Atherton.

There was even a picture of a horse team from long ago.

At happy hour tonight was a Tasmanian couple who said I looked familiar. It turned out they were members of the Tassie Travellers branch of the Australian Caravan Club and I had been to their 5th Anniversary Muster just a few weeks ago. They made me pose with them while someone took a photo of us that they are going to send to our mutual Tasmanian friend Bernie who is currently in the UK.

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