Friday, 21 September 2018

Friday 21st, September.

Farm Manager
Yes - you read it right - I'm in charge of the farm for the next week and in my care are six Alpacas, four chooks and one puss cat. I have to collect the eggs  and feed the chooks, feed pusskins twice a day and let the 'pacas do as they please.

Daughter Sue and hubby Shaun plus Jeff dog have gone to NSW to catch up with Shaun's daughter and new baby but get back on Friday just in time for a family reunion - my son Chris and Marijana are coming over from Adelaide, Sue's son Corey and partner Makaela are coming from Pakenham and daughter Jackie and Dennis will be back for the week on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm doing a test on some special insoles I bought - they are supposed to reduce pain though Reflexology and so far they do seem to be reducing my lower back pain. I've done 4,431 steps today and that's brought my weekly average up to 3,585 and for the month despite two 'no show' days, I averaged 3,026 steps. I'll give the insoles more time before making a judgement.

This morning as I walked around Cato Lake I spotted these two Black Swans and their chicks. 

The sun was in the wrong direction for a clear shot

Then while walking this afternoon I took a couple more pics - one of one of our paddocks and the other of one of our two dams.

I must go and check the livestock. See you soon.

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