Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday 19th September

Today's been fairly active because I invite Sue and Shaun to dinner on Wednesdays when I'm home and I like to cook something a bit different. Today's menu was a steak and bacon pie with a carrot and swede mash plus leeks and cauliflower cooked in cream with cheese It kept me occupied this afternoon.

It turned out OK and I've done the washing up. There's a bit of pie left for my lunch tomorrow.

I walked around Cato Lake this morning on the way back from shopping but when I checked my steps at dinner time I was quite a bit short of my target so I went for a another walk after dinner. It did the trick so I've done 3,425 steps for the day. My average for the week is 3,424 (it's a coincidence that today's total was one step different than the weekly average) and for the month it's 2,933 because it was so cold, wet and windy one day that  I didn't venture out!

The sun set while I was walking - here's the picture.

I'll ring Eric tomorrow - hopefully he'll have good news for me.

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