Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Days 78 & 79

My doctor rang today and told me the good news from the blood test results. My diabetes control is excellent after my weight loss and general exercise regime. She told me I can decrease my diabetes medication. I'm catching up with a few things - a haircut on Saturday, the doctors visit and I have a podiatry appointment in the morning.

I  was warmer today wearing the new jeans that I picked up yesterday.

The good news today is that I got a call back from an Albury wrecker I'd contacted last week looking for the right ratio diff. They called to say they had a complete rear axle for $900. This is what Performance Motors charged me $5,070 for - and was the wrong ratio after all that money!

Eric will be ringing them for me and checking to make sure it's the right one - it would make the job much easier if it means changing the complete diff  by dropping one out and installing the other one.

If they will refund my money if they get the diff back that they fitted we can freight it back to them - it only cost $60 to get it to Mareeba from Melbourne.

This afternoon I went to look at Lake Lonsdale to get in some steps and to look at the lake.

Here's a couple of pics:

The boat ramp
This is a lovely camping area

The wattles are making a nice show at the moment and this one is growing in our chook pen:

It's much harder getting steps in here in the cold! I was just 115 down from my target today after two walks in the paddock and a stroll at Lake Lonsdale.

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