Sunday, 12 August 2018

Day 77

A busy but relaxing day! 

After a big cooked breakfast including scrambled eggs because I dropped the carton and two eggs broke I went with Sue and Shaun to the Ararat Market where I bought some sock because I'd left most of my socks in Yemmy. Then a visit to Aldi for some shopping.

My friends John and Russell were in the Aldi car park and invited me to join them for lunch at the Pomonal Estate Winery. It seemed a good idea so when I got home I jumped into Getzi and drove out to Pomonal. It was a lovely venue and the food choices were good - I chose Curry Puffs with salad and chutney - yum.

They also brew their own beer including an alcoholic ginger beer which was very nice but expensive - I'll stick with Saxbys non alcoholic thanks.

Yesterday I was delighted to get an email that said:
 "Hi Lionel,
Just a quick note to say I love your blogs, as well as your book.
Sorry to hear Yemmi is not yet fixed. 
Tried to send a comment through your blog but I did not want to sign on to a google account. Rest assured your daily blogs are eagerly awaited.
Best wishes,

Thanks Pete - and my other readers. By the way if you feel like commenting and like Pete don't want to do so on my blog you can email me at :

As I was walking across for dinner this noisy varmint squawked at me!

I get my new jeans this afternoon - they will be a bit warmer that my loose trousers!

I managed 3,499 steps yesterday and 2.4km. With all the food I sure needed to walk!

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