Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Day 80

I believe Yemmy was spotted on a truck at Surat in SE Queensland this morning by Joan and Geoff Brumby of our Gippsland ACC Branch. If that was him then he's half way home already but I don't know if the truck will go straight through or he'll have to change to another somewhere.

I visited Andrew my podiatrist today so my feet should be OK for  a month or two.

I hadn't cooked a 'proper' meal for some time to today was a bit of a test as I cooked for Sue, Shaun and myself - pork belly, mixed roast veges including potatoes, swede, onion, baby squash plus a cauliflower cheese bake. It was OK but a hard job to get the crackle to crackle!

Here's what our weather forecast was for today:

Despite the weather I still made my 3,000+ steps around our paddocks.

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