Thursday, 9 August 2018

Day 74

Today was a bit busy. After my wake up coffee it was away to the shop to get stuff to restock my cupboard as the pantry and fridge were bare and I needed breakfast. While in town I called in at the cafe where my friend John always has a coffee at that time so I had a coffee and crumpets for breakfast.

Then it was a visit to my doctor to get stitches taken out of my ear and an appointment next week after blood tests. She was very pleased with my weight loss and general health.

Yemmy won't be with Eric until a couple of weeks so we won't make much progress until Eric's had a chance  to do some investigating.

The ride in the cab from Walkamin to Cairns was fascinating as the taxi driver had spent many years as a helicopter pilot all over the world so we had a lot to talk about.

The worst part of the journey was hanging around the Southern Cross Station for about four hours waiting for the train to Ararat.

A  friend met me off the coach when it got to Stawell and I was home by 9.45pm. A long day!

I've lodged a complaint with the National Bank saying that the so called repairer had put the wrong parts into Yemmy and made him undriveable so I want to stop payment. It's a wait and see what happens. They obviously know nothing about Sprinters or they would have known that changing a diff ratio has the effect of causing the transmission to go into fail safe mode - and it can't be fixed by just reprogramming the computers.

I met my new neighbours today - Jeff Dog who is a lovable but very energetic three-legged rescue dog and a friendly rescue tortoise-shell cat.

If I remember I'll get their pictures tomorrow.

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