Friday, 10 August 2018

Day 75

Hooray - Yemmy's left Walkamin!!!!!! My friend Kathy sent me pictures of him being loaded on a tilt truck today while Brian supervised because he was once a tilt truck driver.

So Yemmy and my scooter are on their way to the coast and he will leave from the depot on Tuesday homeward bound.

Meanwhile I started the day fasting until I gave blood for some routine tests. I get the results from the doctor on Wednesday.

I may not be at Walkamin happy hour and the Friday night bbq but I'm going out to dinner in Stawell with some band friends tonight.

I've been busy today - went to Ararat and bought some PJs this morning and then to a Menswear shop in Stawell and bought a new pair of everyday jeans that will fit once the legs are shortened.

All excuses for the lack of steps today! Some pics of Jeff dog tomorrow.

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