Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Day 30

Wow - I've been on the road 30 days already! In about another 120 days I'll be nearly home all being well.

My big achievement today was finding out how to delete the stuff recorded on a usb stick that records programmes from my TV. Searching Kogan's help sites and guides did nothing to help because they all said to press the 'Delete' button - only there was NO 'Delete' button! Somehow I found a file gubbins that had the names of the recorded programmes and it HAD a DELETE button that in fact deleted programmes I'd already watched. Bingo!

All I have to do now is to remember how I got the file thing open. It saves taking the stick out and deleting recordings using the laptop.

It was a lazy day for walking today as I went out for a ride on my scooter. I'm not sure how far it was but it would have been shorter if I hadn't  explored Old Post Office Lane. It was a dead end so I had to turn around and ride back over the rough unsealed surface. Then I went a fair way to the Uncle Distillery and took a couple of pics that show the height of the Lady Fingers banana plants - if that's what you call them because the original plant/tree is cut down each year and another grows in its place.

Then tonight after happy hour I looked out and saw this magnificent sky 

 What a lovely sight to end today's blog.

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