Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Day 2

Last night I camped in Paradise but this morning it was different story! It had rained in the night and the lovely hard standing had turned into sticky clinging mud so that every step you took raised you about an inch.

I scuffed most of it off in a puddle on some concrete but the rest found its way into Yemmy
 It rained on and off most of the morning but it cleared up by the time I got to the Peak Hill caravan park. This afternoon park owner Leighton helped me fix a very dodgy hinge on Yemmy's gas locker  . He and I go back a long way - we stayed here back when Vi was alive and I wrote the park up for Caravan World. The cutting of that is still on the laundry wall.

There wasn't much worth pictures today and I was past this one before I realised what it was about. I pinched this pic from their website!

Both days so far have seen me do about 450km but I don't know about tomorrow - I know it will be north but haven't worked out just where,

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