Monday, 28 May 2018

Day 2

Last night I camped in Paradise but this morning was a much different story! It had rained  during the night and the lovely firm ground had turned into a quagmire. Each step I took made me as inch taller as the sticky mud raised the height of my shoes! What a mess it was but scuffling about in some water got a lot of it off.

There was no telly reception so a went to bed early and read a bit before sleep.That meant I wolke early and I was on the road by 7.30. Off and aff rain but driving was pleasant enough and I was at Peak Hill caravan park  by lunchtime.

My gas locker door hinge was a bit fragile and I broke the pop rivets when changing the gas bottles over this morning. With Leighton's help it now has much sturdier fastenings and shouldn't break again. I first met Leighton and Pauline back while Vi was still alive . I wrote an article about the park in Caravan World and the clipping is still on the laundry wall.

I didn't take any pics today - there wasn't much special to snap. I was too slow to realise but I did pass a 'Roadkill Restaurant' and that would have been worth a click.

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