Monday, 28 May 2018

Day 1

The clock showed 335,000km leaving home. It will be interesting to see the reading is when I get back

Crossing the Nullarbor is certainly flat but today's journey through the Wimmera, Mallee and across the Hay Plain had no sign of a hill. Boring!

I'm camped at the Hay Weir - a lovely spot on the 'bigee' (Murrumbidgee) and I'm on my own tonight. I've got pictures but my wifi is weak and so far they won't transfer from my phone to the laptop.

Today's journey started off with patchy rain but it cleared up by lunchtime and this afternoon the sun was shining. It's only 5.30 as I'm writing this but it's getting dark already.

Ha! The pics are loaded so here goes loading them to the blog!

Yemmy loves being near water!

A boom across the river

Yemmy wasn't going on the water - he says he's not a boat!

A lovely spot but some people have no regard for their surroundings and just litter at will. BTW - yes I did pick them up and will dispose of them later.

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