Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Day 3

I had planned on driving to Brewarrena today but my plans changed when I realised I'd be passing through Trangie and I'd heard excellent reports about the caravan park from ACC members who had stayed there.

I pulled up in the town and tried to ring my editor to see if he wanted a caravan park article and couldn't get him on the phone. The number started with + but I only put 0! It was not connected the lovely lady said. When I woke up that you had to hold the 0 down to change it to +) I got his answering machine. Finally he replied to my email and yes, he'd like the article.

Then I went to the wrong caravan park and he's never heard of the Australian Caravan Club - it must be the other park he said. I didn't know there were two parks in Trangie  but all was well when I rocked up here to be met at the gate by Andrew, who owns the park with his wife Debbie.

It was freezing cold here but I was brave and wandered around doing a photo shoot. I spent the afternoon writing the story and then showing it to Andrew. It's happy hour soon and I'm told the camp kitchen is quite warm.

Here's a few of the pics I took today.

Andrew won a competition with a pic of someone sitting on the dunny, pants down reading a book while a queue waited for their turn!

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