Friday, 17 August 2018

Day 82

The steps are hard to keep up in these chilly conditions but I did walk just about right around our boundaries today and met some different critters over the fence.

....and then there was this collection of sheep and goats:

The sheep are Dorpers   - a meat breed that originated in South Africa that sheds it's wool although these two have been half-shed for ages!

I mentioned yesterday that I'd had trouble getting crackle to crackle and today I got a tip that sounds like it would work so I'll be trying it next time I cook pork.

Cook the meat the same as a leg of lamb and then when the meat is cooked slice off the crackle and put it on kitchen paper on an oven proof plate. Put more kitchen paper on top and microwave for two or three minutes while keeping an eye on it to check when it's crackly! Thanks Denyse.

I finally made 3,093 steps and 2.2km.


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