Thursday, 31 May 2018

Day 4

It was very cold this morning but my doona was up to it and as I was on power I used an electric heater to warm Yemmy's interior before I got up. I was on the road by 8.30 and the weather was lovely and sunny with a cloudless blue sky. Sprinters of Yemmys vintage had fixed sun visors but my clever friend Eric fabricated a mount for a swiveling one and boy was I glad of it today as the sun was dazzling.

It was a shorter run today and there wasn't much of interest on the way. Trees lined the edge of the road reserve for much of the way so there wasn't much view past them.

Straight roads with a few road works hold ups

No lines? So what are those things in the middle of the road?

I looked hard but didn't see any horses anywhere near here at Nyngan!

Yemmy's by the water again! Near Brewarina

I walked a fair way along the river this afternoon 3,253 steps today and chatted to a few neighbors for a while. Tomorrow I'm heading for Eula and another free camp. So far it's been 50/50 - 2 caravan parks and two free camps.

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